The Fiammifero was born from the collection that Damiano Mearini has been making since he was a child. These matchboxes are memories of travels and moments, of encounters and flavors, of people and life memories.
They take us around the world, exiting us. As a game with friends, the pastry chef created this fun biscuit, made of pure shortcrust pastry, covered in the finest chocolate and shaped like a match in its tin box. Every box contains a ‘new’ match, biscuit with a red ruby chocolate head.
The dark chocolate match represents the burnt match.
The matches covered in milk chocolate or white milk are flavor variations, there is one for all tastes. Once you have eaten all the biscuits, the can is recyclable for your collections. Don’t throw them away.
Grandma kept needle, thread and buttons; today we use them with a lot of imagination and to keep your collections and memories.